Museumplein and it’s surrounding buildings


Museumplein is a truly beautiful place to visit. An item that should be on everyone’s bucket list; to sit, soak in and marvel in the atmosphere of Amsterdam’s beautiful lawn – especially in winter when you can enjoy ice skating on the frozen pond.

If you are visiting Amsterdam with others and plan to see Museumplein, it’s a good idea to establish a central meeting place such as one of the letters that spell “I Amsterdam” situated on the lawns in Museumplein.

But what really makes this park an exceptional place to visit is the surrounding buildings. All of which hold their own special significance.

Consulate of United States

If you’re a US citizen or hold a US passport then this is the place to go if you are ever in any need of assistance when traveling in Amsterdam. For information on what prescription drugs and or supplements are legal while traveling in Amsterdam such as the height growth supplement Growth Factor Plus, it may be a good idea to check with the Consulate.


The Royal Concertgebouw is considered amongst many as one of the finest concert halls in the world due to it’s spectacular acoustics.

Stedelijk Museum

Constructed in the 19th Century, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (commonly known as just “the Stedelijk”), is a museum for modern art, contemporary art, and design.

Van Gogh Museum

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life you should have some inclination as what what the Van Gogh Museum may hold. Coming in at number #35 of the world’s most popular museums the Van Gogh Museum is a place not to be missed.

House of Bols

Fancy a cocktail? The House of Bols, is a world renowned  bar showcasing cocktails, beers liqueurs and everything in between on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

Diamond Museum

Ever wanted to explore the eternal beauties of what’s commonly known to westerners as “a girl’s best friend”? The Diamond Museum showcases a permanent history of diamonds that’s certain to bedazzle all who visit.

Coster Diamonds

Coster Diamonds is one of the Netherland’s oldest still operating diamond polishing factories where many of the world’s royal jewelry has been polished.


In 2014, Rijksmuseum was the Netherland’s most visited museum taking in an incredible 2.45 million visitors alone.

If you’d like to know more about any of the places and things mentioned here, please visit the source links below:

Top 5 Items to Bring When Traveling to Amsterdam

top 5

Amsterdam is the largest city in Netherlands and is the capital of the country. It is a great city, with has a rich history; it should be on any tourist’s to-do list. Its major attractions include its great museums, coffee shops that serve weed and its multiple ancient canals. There a few essentials that they should pack. This is irrespective of whether one is stopping there for a few days or it is their main destination.

Comfortable Shoes

The city’s ancient streets are made mostly of cobblestone. Consequently, high heels will not be very great. One needs to carry a pair of comfortable, waterproof shoes in order to view the great city comfortably. In addition, Amsterdam is quite different from other ancient European cities. One does not have to dress formally. Almost everyone in the city dresses casually. The weather in this city can also be quite unpredictable. It is prone to random showers, although it has no definite rainy season. Consequently, it would be a good idea to bring along a raincoat or purchase one cheaply in Amsterdam.

Money Belt

As with many other cities that attract tourists, being pick-pocketed is a bit of a problem. However, violent crime is almost unheard of in the city. A Money belt is a convenient way to ensure that one’s cash is safely secured close to them. This is a must-have item when traveling to Amsterdam. It may make one stand out, but is essential in ensuring one does not lose their money.

Warm Clothes

The city is located in Northern Europe; consequently, temperatures are rarely very high. In addition, it can tend to get a bit breezy in the evening. As a result, carrying a stylish cardigan would be great. Anything to keep one warm would be great. It is important not to compromise on comfort. It can really dampen the holiday if one is constantly shivering throughout their time in this awesome city.

Eye Cream

The city of Amsterdam has many fun activities to engage in including bike riding. However, the city can be quite breezy, which can lead to a bit of dry skin. The skin around the eyes can be especially sensitive. This is because it is some of the thinnest skin on the body. As a result, general moisturizer just will not do. People who care about their skin should definitely bring Revitol Eye Cream with them. The eye cream is designed specifically to protect this sensitive skin and keep it moisturized and reduce puffiness. It is a must-have whether you are traveling or at home. However, it is more important on a trip to Amsterdam since one spends more time exposed to the elements.


Any tourist who forgets to carry their camera will definitely regret it. So many places in the city are great for taking photos. Buying a camera in Amsterdam might not be as great. This is because one may not have time to shop for the best quality camera. One should check and recheck if they carried their good camera before departing for the airport.

Amsterdam is a great city and tourists should visit the city at least once while in Europe. The people are friendly and there is much to be discovered there. One more item to bring would be earplugs. The streets are a bit small and can be noisy at night.

Visit Amsterdam while staying fit with Rip60

working out outdoors
Why should you undo all the hard work you have done, and countless hours workout you regularly do, simply because you are going on vacation to Amsterdam? Why not take your gym with you when visiting this great country? With Rip60 you are going to be able to do just that. Not only is this system extremely compact and easy for you to store in a suitcase or even your carry on bag, it is also going to allow you to get in a great daily workout while you are on vacation, so you can stay fit while you are touring Amsterdam and all the great area has to offer to visitors who are vacationing there.

When traveling, most people are going to go off their routine diet, at least a little bit. And, why not, you should enjoy some of the local cuisine and some of the foods you have never tried in the past. When you are in Amsterdam, if you wish to try some of the country’s great dishes, and want to indulge a day or two while you are traveling, you do not have to worry about packing on the pounds when you have your Rip60 at home workout kit with you. Since you are still going to be able to get in a great workout, you can burn off some of the additional calories you aren’t used to eating back at home, and you can maintain your weight while traveling, all without having to restrict yourself each and every meal during your trip.

If you just want to take a few days to relax and lounge around, you can also do this while visiting Amsterdam. With the Rip60 kit, all you are going to need is 60 minutes in the morning (or less), and you can enjoy the rest of your day doing what you please. So, even if you want to stay poolside, relax, and be lazy a few days while you are traveling, the great workout you are going to get in the morning, is going to allow you to do just that. And, you do not have to feel guilty about having a few extra cocktails with dinner or when you are by the pool, as you have done your daily workout, and have taken the time to workout even though you are traveling and relaxing for a few days in Amsterdam.

It does not matter when you are going, where you are staying, or what you plan on doing while in Amsterdam. For those who want to stay fit, stay healthy, and still enjoy the great cuisine, and foods you don’t enjoy at home while visiting Amsterdam, you can do so when you are still working out during your trip. So, don’t worry if your hotel does not have a gym, or if you aren’t out walking all day long during your trip, when you bring your Rip60 kit with you, it allows you to get in that daily workout, and fully enjoy the rest of your trip.

3 Easy ways to stay fit while travelling


So you decided you want to travel to Amsterdam, and are already looking for healthy places to eat at, places to workout or go for a run.


We want you to stay as healthy as possible and enjoy your time in Amsterdam at the same time.


Here are our top tips for staying fit when travelling in Amsterdam (or anywhere else).





Lookout for local parks


Make sure you search for local parks near your area. Parks are always great for outdoor activities and they are free!


There is nothing better than going for a run and being surrounded by nature, birds singing, and a lake view. That’s just priceless.


In Amsterdam there are lots of parks where you can go there at any time with your friends, play with Frisbees or picnic after a run.


Bring your food goodies with you


There is a lot of debate around this topic since some people will argue that you should try and indulge with the local food. While this can be true to an extent, you can do this without having to add on extra pounds.


A tip is to pack a stack of your favourite supplement that’s easy to take on the go. Examples of this can be protein bars or supplements in capsule form such as the ones mentioned at:


These will be very easy to carry around and whenever you are feeling hungry you don’t have to settle for any muffin or cake from Starbucks.


Our advice is to pre-plan your day, so if you know that in the evening you will go and try some super high calorie local goodie then you can still do that and not miss out, but ensure that you do eat healthily prior to that. If you can’t find protein and vegetables, supplements will come in handy for that.



Research the local healthy restaurants


A man with a plan is always going to succeed. Many of us when travelling don’t want to be stressing about what we eat, the activities we engage in and so on. Thanks to technology nowadays, there are tons of apps and sites that can help you search for local restaurants and grocery shops. Some of these even help you select specific type of restaurants such as: vegan, vegetarian etc. is a site that offers over 2000 restaurant choices in Amsterdam.


A final tip is that if you are going with friends who always like eating unhealthy or mainstream food, you can do your pre-research homework and suggest the healthy restaurants to them, that way you can at least eat in some healthy places as opposed to all of them being fast food.

How to Avoid Getting Sick While on Vacation


When visiting Amsterdam, there are many sites to see, things to enjoy, and places to visit. With this said, a number of people tend to get sick during the course of their travels. From change in weather, to unfamiliar climate and regions, and local bugs or infections, there are a number of reasons one would get sick during travels.

To avoid this, Pectasol-C is a great modified citrus pectin which can be taken to help boost the immune system. Although simply consuming the immune boosting supplement won’t prevent illness, it is a great way to help ward off certain ailments, colds, the flu, and other illnesses which tend to attack the immune system.

Depending on the time of year you plan on traveling to Amsterdam, the temperature is also going to be an issue which can contribute to getting sick as well. So, having the right products in place, such as the Pectasol-C which can help boost the immune system and provide optimal support, is one way in which to prevent certain illnesses, and to help fight off different conditions you would otherwise contract when you are traveling to a foreign region.

So, now that you have the right immune booster in place, you are ready to travel, visit Amsterdam, and visit all the fine sites which the country has to offer. Depending on what it is that you enjoy doing , and the type of activities you wish to engage in while you are visiting, there are a number of places which you will want to visit during your stay.

The Anne Frank House is a great museum like facility which historic buffs might want to visit while they are in the country. The Heineken Experience is a great way to enjoy one of the world’s most famous beers, out of its country of origin. And the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is an excellent historic site to visit, for those who love to learn about world culture, and love to see historical sites during the courses of their travels.

Of course the great dining experience, the nightlife, local coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, are all going to play an integral role in making your trip to Amsterdam one which you are not going to forget any time in the near future.

Whether it is a first time visit, or you are returning because you love the country and the people so much, Amsterdam is a great place for you to enjoy a variety of activities, sites, and historical places to visit for those who are planning a vacation to the region.

For those who want to fight off the common cold, and other illnesses during your travels, having the right supplements will help you to prevent certain illnesses and ailments so you can make the most out of your travels. Pectasol-C is the ideal modified citrus pectin to bring with you as an immune boosting supplement, which will help prevent certain illnesses, and allow you to offer all the region has to offer to travelers.


Beauty Tricks for your Vacation

Beauty Tricks for your vacation




We all want to look out best on vacation, but as many of us women well know we can’t pack ALL of our makeup. So here are 4 beauty tricks to pack light and still look your best for your vacation.

  1.  Pack Just Your Essentials

This may seems like a no brainer, but it’s something most women forget about. Pack only one of the following:

  • Foundation – pick powder or liquid not both
  • Concealer – you can buy these in tiny tubes
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow – Pick only one small compact
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick

This is your base for a great face. You really don’t need more than this. Remember you want to enjoy your vacation not spend most of the time getting ready.

  1. Use makeup remover wipes

Wipes travel so much better than a bottle of makeup remover. Plus if you misplace them they are easier to replace.

  1. Buy travel sized bottles to put your shampoos and creams in

You do not need a full bottle of your favorite shampoo. So buy small bottles of the generic brands and pack those instead. If you are bringing creams or lotions that you need – for example I have to have my varicose vein cream Venorex – you can find tiny twist on cap containers to put them in. You do not want to risk losing a whole bottle of your expensive lotion.

  1. Bring at Least One Hat

This way you don’t have to wash your hair every single day. You can wear it up or wear a hat. It hides a lot and it looks amazing.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

The best thing you can do is to bring a liquid makeup that has SPF in it. However, you don’t want to forget about any traveling companions. It’s a great idea to keep a small bottle in your purse so you have it whenever you need it!

  1. Make Sure You Hydrate

I bet you are wondering why this made it into the beauty hack article, but keeping well hydrated is essential for your skin and hair. So keeping up with your liquids will help you look your best!

Use these 6 tricks and you will look gorgeous no matter where you are in the world!

What you should do before booking your next vacation

Amsterdam bike tour

Booking a vacation has never been easier than it is today. A few searches online, drop your package into the cart and whip out your credit card.

Et viola, you are booked!

Here are some things to consider before booking your next vacation though, so you are totally ready to go once the time comes.

Decide what kind of vacation you want

Are you hoping to spend your time relaxing on the beach or by the pool, sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas in them? Do you want your biggest mental challenge to be which buffet to pick for lunch?

Or maybe you want to spend the entire trip immersing yourself in the cultural of a new city or country. Your idea of fun is to take a bike tour of a city while hearing about the history on every corner and then grabbing a snack at a busy streetside cafe with the locals.

Make sure you pick a destination that suits your style.

Research your chosen destination

Now that you have decided on a destination do some research to determine the best time of year to go depending on your priorities.

For example, if laying on the beach is your plan then you will want to check average temperatures and weather patterns and pick the best time.

Or maybe your budget is the major concern.  In most tourists spots you can hit a ‘fringe’ season as most locations have discounts if you go just before or just after the major tourist season.

Book ahead

Many rental and tour companies offer discounts for booking online or booking ahead.

If your itinerary is set then booking your walking tour before you leave home can save you money.

Sometimes even booking the same day but buying online can save some cash. Don’t be on the one who paid the most to get on your tour bus!

Check it out at home before you go and be sure to review the cancellation policy, just in case.

Get in shape

Nothing can wreck your bike tour of Amsterdam faster than not being able to make it up the first hill you get to.

Be realistic about your level of fitness before you book your trip to hike the Inca trail or you will have wasted your money. If your goal is to hike up Kilimanjaro then you are going to need to do preparation before you get there and start hiking in your local area.

If your goal is to lose a few pounds and get active before your trip, consider a protein shake diet and start at least 90 days before you leave.

Buy the right gear

Depending on what style of vacation you have planned you will probably need to buy a few new things in preparation for your trip.

Start with a great new classy carry on bag to get you there in style. Depending on your plan, this bag can double as a beach bag or a backpack for day excursions.

If you are headed to the beach then you will want to grab a couple of new swimsuits and these can be hard to find in the middle of winter at your local store so plan ahead.

If you are planning on lots of hiking or walking then be sure to break in your footwear well in advance. Wearing a brand new pair of hiking boots for the first time isn’t always pleasant and you don’t want to be dealing with blisters while on vacation.

Once you have done all your advance preparation then just relax and enjoy your trip. You will have a much better experience with a little advanced planning and you will be ready for your adventure.

Three good reasons to visit Museum Plein this fall

Museum Plein in Fall

There’s always plenty of  great reasons to head over to Amsterdam and visit the historical treasure trove of Museum Plein but fall has some of its own unique reasons to make the journey.

1. Its cheaper

Fall in Amsterdam is a beautiful time with all the beautiful fall colors associated with the change of seasons. However, the weather is very unpredictable and can range from pretty well perfect to miserably rainy and cold. Average temperatures are in the mid 60’s Fahrenheit but can be much warmer or colder.

This leads to the great price incentives for flights, hotels and venues that the savvy traveller can take advantage of and save big.

2. Great Food

The food in Amsterdam is always good but as the fall seasonal fare is exceptionally comforting and delicious.

A traditional cool weather staple is stampott which is a delicious cabbage, potato, and winter greens blend served alongside a rich sausage. It’s truly divine and a great reason to be in Amsterdam in fall.

There are also a variety of apple tarts and pie that take advantage of the fall harvest of apples are really decadent treats for apple pie lovers.

Always popular are the Dutch pancakes which can be topped with almost anything from goat cheese and spinach to ham and camembert for perfect fall inspired treats. I like to have a light whey protein shake like Myotein XPI for breakfast before venturing off into the high calorie lunch and dinner treats to reduce the guilt!

3. Museumnacht

Probably the biggest draw for museum goers it is literally translated to Museum Night and occurs the first Saturday in November.

Over 40 museums participate and they each offer some kind of unique one time only event. These can range from poetry readings to live DJ dance music performances.

Its an amazing way to see some of the great Amsterdam museums and also partake in a city wide festival.

Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam this fall!




Check out my top five ways to save money in Museum Plein Amsterdam!


Museum Plein is home to the three most important museums in Amsterdam. These include the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum and makes this an art lover’s paradise.
Of course the best way to really experience the most of the city’s cultural is to stay right in the heart but if you are anything like me you probably still need to watch your budget! So, here are my tips on how to experience the best of Amsterdam without breaking the bank.

1. Choose your hotel carefully:

Museum Plein has a wide variety of accommodation options available to travellers. There are some very high end luxury hotels like the Conservatorium which can cost anywhere from 500 euros per night and up, depending on rooms and options.

There are also some smaller boutique hotels which will come in around the same price and most offer breakfast as well.
There are a few budget hotels such as the Owl Hotel, which offer basic amenities for about 50 euros a night for a single.
By far the best way to save money here though is to check out the hostels, especially if you are travelling with friends. You can book a four bed hostel room with a private bathroom for 100 euro, split four ways you only pay 25 euro each and use your savings for admissions!

2. Go to free attractions:

Amsterdam is filled with open air markets and gardens and it would be easy to spend an entire day window shopping without spending a dime.
If you like boating you can get out onto the canals and waterway for free by taking a ride on the Buikersloterwegveer ferry, it’s a short five minute ride but offers spectacular view.
There are also many free concerts available to attend during lunch hour in the park. The Concertgebouw is famous for its free lunchtime concerts but don’t forget to book early as attendance is limited. The orchestra occasionally plays outdoors as well so check their schedule.
You can also go to the beach, Blijburg aan Zee is a great beach right in the city and always has a busy schedule of activities.

3. Eat in or have a picnic:

Eating is a major expense for any traveller but there are plenty of ways to keep the costs downa nd I personally get sick of eating out after a few days.

Always try to find accommodation with breakfast included whenever possible but if not then be prepared to make something of your own. One of my favourite travel breakfasts is a protein powder shake like Dymatize Iso100 because there is no need to refrigerate. Just add water to your favorite protein powder flavor and shake it up. Breakfast is done and you will be energized for your sightseeing.
Lunch can be as easy as heading to one of the great markets and grabbing some bread, local cheese and meat. You can grab a couple of beers or a bottle of wine and then make your own picnic in the park.
With all the money you saved on breakfast and lunch, you can afford to have a nice dinner at a café or pub before your night out on the town. Or if you prefer, there are also plenty of street vendors offering up yummy treats like kebabs and frites covered in mayonnaise.

4. Walk, bike or take transit:

Staying right in Museum Plein means you are never too far away from the major attractions and most will be in walking distance. There are free maps of the city online that you can print and take or grab one from the tourist office.
Another great option is rent a bike for the day or half day. Biking is a popular form of transportation in much of Europe and Amsterdam is no exception. There are multiple pick up and drop off locations all over town and you can drop off anywhere. Pick up from one location and drop off at another, it’s all very flexible. There are also some great guided bike tours for around 20 euros you will get a 3 hour guided tour of the city. It’s a great idea for your first day to help get the lay of the land.
Amsterdam has a chip card system for their trains and is the required form of payment. You can pick one up at the tourist office and use it for your entire trip, everything is rated based on distance so don’t forget to swipe out when you exit the system or you will be billed the maximum of 4 euros.

5. Get a discount card and save big:

There are three basic discount cards for Amsterdam and they were made for museum lovers!

  • Amsterdam Holland Pass– this is an incredible bargain that is totally customizable depending on what you want to do while visiting the city. It is a free airport transfer and also allows free transit for a specific period of time. In addition you will receive free passes to many of the major museums and this include VIP access which means no line ups! Check out their website for more information.
  • iAmsterdam city card- this is also a great value and provide a ton of free and discounted museum entries, bike rentals, transit access and discounts at some shops and markets.
  • Museumkaart- this is a year long free admission pass to over 400 Amsterdam museums and depending on how many you plan to tour during your stay it may be the best choice.
    Check out each website and plan according to your interests and length of stay.

I hope these tips help you save your money for the best museum tours possible during your upcoming trip to Amsterdam!